Gemtron sponsor TADA for improvements of patients care.

Being a social responsible company, Gemtron is not only dedicated to provide well-education to the students in poor and remote area ( Gemtron Charity Elementary School, but also consecrate to provide a better environment and medical care for Alzheimer's Disease patients.


As the population of Taiwan is ageing, the number of people who are suffering from dementia is growing. According to the 2005 census, there are around 130,000 elderly people aged over 65 in Taiwan. It is estimated that in 2020, this age group will come up to 250,000 people, and 650,000 in 2050. Accompany with the low birthrate in Taiwan, taking care of those elderly people are becoming a big burden for most of family now. 


Therefore, Gemtron sponsor TADA ( Taiwan Alzheimer's Disease Association ) for Alzheimer's Disease  propagandas to educate general publics to know this disease and embrace the possible dementia suffers in their family, and also improve the quality of medical care inviornment at TADA through our donation.